Happy go Lucky

POPPY:You know what?
ZOE: What?
POPPY: We’re lucky, aren’t we?
ZOE: Yeah, we are. Well...well, you make your own luck in life, don’t you?
POPPY: Some of us do. Some of us miss the boat completely.
ZOE: Yeah, it’s hard work, being a grownup,isn’t it?
POPPY: Yeah, it is. It’s a long trip.
ZOE: Yeah, tell me when we get there.
POPPY: Don’t worry! I’ll let you know! You keep on rowing, and I’ll keep on smiling...
ZOE:Are we there yet?
POPPY: We’ve got a hell of a way to go.

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Fallingslowly dijo...

me encanto este peli...:) es recontra feliz.